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Skyland3 - World Currency


Skyland3 operates in the Hepek, the space between Fiat Currency and Cryptocurrency. It is an audacious concept for a new world financial system...

    ~ Skyland3 is NOT a cryptocurrency, rather a representative currency operating using a Cryptocurrency Standard. Currency value backed by commodity quality cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.
    ~ Skyland3 is NOT decentralized. While identification, transactions and security will utilize blockchain technology, we recognize the importance and benefit of government sovereignty and regulations.
    ~ Skyland3 is Identity driven. Verified individuals will own their pro-rata share of Skyland3 on the first day of operation. Individual Stakeholders will own their percentage by identity and not investment. A $1 identity verified stakeholder will enjoy the same distribution as a millionaire verified stakeholder. Only individuals may be Individual Stakeholders.
    ~ Individual Stakeholders will own 40% of Skyland3 upon launch whereby 40% of distributions will be distributed equally to Individual Stakeholders.
    ~ Skyland3 will be 100% owned by Individual Stakeholders 100 Years from launch. Every 10 years, The Individual Stakeholder Ownership will go up by 6%, with each Investor Share going down by their pro-rata share.
    ~ Individual Stakeholders can take charge of identity value with revenue for any level of participation going directly to the participant.
    ~ Skyland3 for business. While Corporations can not be Individual Stakeholders, they will have opportunity to operate within the Hepek at significantly lower costs. Imagine transactions with a 1% fee and no possibility of charge back. Skyland3 Dollars spend like cash.

                                                   ...more to come.

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